International Student Competition 2018

Convivialità, Gastronomia, Ospitalità
Adolfo Leoni
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The International Student Competition returns also this year in the provinces of the South Marche region: Ascoli Piceno, Fermo and Macerata. A competition regarding tourism, food and landscape among students, from Italian and foreign Universities, who are called to carefully study local stakeholders, their strengths, their weaknesses.

The initiative sees the University of Macerata with prof. Alessio Cavicchi, creator of the competition that in 2016 and again in 2017 registered the participation of about 90 graduates, PhD students and teachers from Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, USA, Austria, Norway, Ukraine and UK. Italy has participated with University students and teachers from Ancona, Bologna, Rome, Turin and, of course, Macerata. The logistic support will again be given by the Piceno Laboratory on Mediterranean Diet, an association that since 2013 works for a new agrofood development and sustainable tourism linked to the concept of the Mediterranean Diet (conviviality, good agricultural practices, seasonality, defense of traditions and hamlets). The 2018 International Student Competition, which will take place from the 1st to the 6th of May, will propose again the format “from the Adriatic Sea to the Blue Mountains”. Last year, the large University caravan started from the structure of the Fish Market of Porto San Giorgio to then go up to Fermo, Montegiorgio, Servigliano, Santa Vittoria in Matenano, Smerillo. A smaller maritime location wiil be chosen for the beginning of the competition week this year, too. The lessons, all in English, will be carried out on the stages of traditional theaters, while visits to the stakeholders will concern the small/large producers of oil, wheat, wine and legumes of our “Terra di Marca”. Students and teachers will be as usual hosted in the various structures of the territory: B&Bs, Holiday Farms, Resorts, etc., while for lunches, will be chosen the places that propose dishes of the Mediterranean Diet. The 2018 International Student Competition cannot fail to take account of the National Year of Italian food, which focuses on traditional products of smaller centers. The initiative, which sees the participation of teachers of the highest profile in the field of tourism and especially that related to food, has made known the “Terra di Marca” in so many countries of Europe thanks also to subsequent graduation theses and hundreds of thousands of images and comments posted on several social media by the participants.